Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Dog Ruby - The Goat

I was just informed that Ruby (1 of our K9 mischief makers) was inside since the lawn was getting mowed this morning and she decided to have the rest of a wayward Butterfinger that I left too close to the edge of the counter top. Over the past couple of months she’s worked her way through 2 loaves of sourdough bread, ¼ of a loaf of wheat bread (she had a sourdough loaf first), and now the Butterfinger. I’m considering leaving out an open container of milk so she can wash it all down properly!
Of course when I hear these stories (since my husband gets home first and reports what the dogs got into that day while I sit in traffic) I laugh so hard. (I laugh after hearing what she devoured to make sure it’s nothing that can hurt her, the Butterfinger was ½ a bar and there’s not enough chocolate for her size to impact her at all negatively. I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed the crispy peanut butter inside.) I have infinite patience with my dogs and when they do something naughty, it’s generally because we left something out for them to access (or too close to the side of the counter – ah hem KellyAnn) so it's our fault ultimately. Ruby just so happens to be part goat so she’ll eat ANYTHING! My other dog Harley would have had a piece of sourdough bread only after he smothered it in butter and that isn’t likely since he has no thumbs, so he’s generally not the piggy of the group, Ruby fulfills that role – gladly I might add. *big proud smile* She's such a little character.
dress: Target; boots: Steve Madden via Steve Madden store
I took these pics right after I returned home from my hair appt. Man I love a fresh cut and dye. I feel 100% better about my do. I never realize how important it is to have a good hair day until I don’t. And I didn’t for many days. My confidence picked up almost immediately. Too bad it had to cost $160 (+ $25 tip) to get there. I gotta find another salon. $65 for a haircut is INSANE, so why does it look so good?! Grrrrr…
I've been frequenting a couple of Los Angeles style bloggers sites. A common bit of foliage that shows up all the time - Palm Trees. I never really paid much attention, but they are EVERYWHERE. They're even all over my lil suburban neighborhood...

Tomorrow’s St. Paddys – did you pick out your green outfit yet?

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Matt said...

Loved the story about your dogs!! And the outfit is super cute! Fabulous hair too!! And I'm still figuring out my St. Patrick's outfit! (Although I think I have the green figured out...)

CAITLIN said...

your hair does look amazing (worth every penny)! i get my hair cut once a year... haha i'm so bad. i can never justify spending money on it, which is also why i have never dyed it. it would be a hot mess all the time if i had something like that to maintain.

love the simple black maxi! i need something like this for the summer (which is not even close to here on my side of the country...)

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I'm in love with your hair!!! I want it...!! You look beautiful.
Thx for the comment on my blog and for following me..I'm following now! ;-)

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

I love the feel of a new hair cut. Hair just feels so fresh and healthy!

I also loved your Ruby story. I'm a canine lover too, and I know what it's like when your dog steals something he or she wasn't supposed to have. My first dog Chip was "part goat" like you said. He loved all food, including fruit and vegetables. Our dog now, Missy, is a much pickier eater!

Looking forward to what you post next :) -jane

Thick Threads said...

Hilarious story about your dogs! I am an absolute dog lover any animal lover actually but dogs have a special spot in my heart, I have a fluffy little dog at home that loves to cause trouble just like that but it lightes my day :) I love your hair, ive said it before and ill say it again! gorgeous! :) very pretty dress aswell!


Shasie said...

I love maxi dresses! So chic and comfy at the same time!

Vicki said...

love your hair colour :) x