Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Torential Showers

I bought this dress on and it was a total pain in the arse to get. It was the last one so I ordered it, they sent me a Jessica McClintock clutch – gee thanks, not what I wanted, so I promptly called customer service to complain and to see what the likelihood of me actually getting the dress I wanted. They were helpful, but the answer was “we can send you an email when it’s back in stock”…grrrr. Well, that means it’s up to me to check the website constantly to see if the person who wanted the clutch would return the dress when they accidentally received it. (I got the email after I purchased it for the 2nd time.) The supervisor dude gave me a $10 coupon to shop at since their fulfillment department screwed up. That made it better. I managed to snag the dress when they re-listed it and instead of $30, I paid $20 and now here’s the dress.
The biggest bummer? It was such an ordeal to get, I was almost positive it would fit perfectly since this brand fits me well, but it didn’t really. It’s a bit short in the torso, a little wide and it REALLY emphasizes the size of my chest. I wore it around for a while and the husband liked it so it grew on me when I paired it with a belt, but I kinda ended up keeping it on principal. I sure hope I get my cost per wear outta this. $20 isn’t really that big of a bargain in my closet…
What do you think?
-“Totally regretful, it doesn’t look awesome – bummer”
-“Great choice to keep it, you should wear it everyday”
Either way, I love my red tights. They are so bold and RED! Brilliant!
dress: Tiana B. via; flats: American Eagle via Payless; tights: Assets via; belt: UO; necklace & earrings: I made; bracelet: Claire's
Wednesday is almost over, now I get to go brave the rain riddled traffic of the 101 freeway…Frick


Natasha said...

haha...yes it totally does emphasize your chest...but I doubt anyone's complaining about that (specially the hubby).

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Shasie said...

Another one of my favorite color combinations, is red with black and white. I love it. I just posted on Marina's page, because her look today was blue, white, and black. This look is great!I love that the accessories are more maroon, so they allow the tights to stand out even more.

I also like how you styled it with the belt, I know you added to add shape because it was a little bit, but it works!

freesia said...

This is a great look, on you it show your beautiful figure!!!! the belt is great!!!

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

I love the outfit, and the dress! I really like the combination of black, white, and red. When I was in the 3rd grade, we made these Japanese-inspired art projects that were B&W with a dab of red (I wish I remembered what it's called!) and I loved the mix ever since.

Anyway, the dress is great. It's very flattering! But you wear everything so well, it's hard to tell :)

Annie said...

Love this!!! I have a pair of bright red tights too, and I seriously love them!

The Shopping Forecast said...

Love it- and the way you have used red accessories to go with it!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the red tights and I think that dress fits you really, really well. You look fabulous today :)

Anita riot said...

GORGEOUSS!!! love this outfit on you!

Anonymous said...

I think if anything can help de-emphasize a chest of our size, it would be those RED tights. And I love the belt. You did a FAB job with it all!

- Tessa