Sunday, February 28, 2010

Apron? Nah, just looks like one...

I took these pics so fast I guess I couldn't even bother to straighten the camera. This ensemble was just plain comfortable. My girlfriend found this in a $5 pile of clothing we were going through at the Pasadena Swap Meet/Flea Market (whatever they're calling it.) Anyway, a pile of clothing all $5 is just cool. We found some fun goodies. It was a large, so it would be quite large on my friend, so on to me it went. It's not long enough for a dress, but almost too long for a tunic. Hmmmm, it's going to be hard to style this one. We'll see what I come up with next time.
I love the print, I haven't really seen orange, green and brown used in something that I really like, but it's so cute. The sherbert polka dots are so cute especially in a ruffle. That same cute fabric even covers the buttons. Yea!
top/dress: flea market; skirt: H&M; tights: Bare Necessities; oxfords: Chinese Laundry; neckace: Nordstrom Rack; Earrings & Bracelet: I made from jewelry from H&M

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