Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Sun = Romper + tights

(This is our friend's yard. It is so pretty and pristine, now it looks like fall in the middle of winter - that's our L.A. weather.)
Luckily it was a beautiful day for the Superbowl. I wasn't too excited about it this year. I am not really into football so much anymore. I used to appreciate it when I was a little younger, but now I don't have a team. The 49ers suck. They are getting better thanks to Singletary, but shoot, over a decade of a slump?! So annoying. Don't even get me started on the Raiders, my hubby's team. They are even worse than the Lions ever were which is positively horrific. Al Davis needs to kick the bucket if California will have a good team - the Chargers don't count for me...Don't tell my work that :) heheheh
Romper, Jacket & Tights: Target; Boots: Macy's; Sweater: Ross (Liz & Co.); Earrings & Bracelet: I made (taking apart stuff I found at H&M)
So my hubby and I went to a friend's party. It is quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable places to watch a game with oddly situated TVs and such, but they had a fantastic spread of food. Always something to look forward to on the festive NFL holiday. (It was amusing, we drove past a mall on the way to the party and my hubby exclaimed about how many cars were in the lot. "Is something going on at the Mall today?" to which I replied "Silly husband, what do you think people who don't watch the Superbowl do? They go shopping." hahahaha It's a pretty solid day for retailers.)
So any hoo, I put on my fabulous teased do and pulled out a romper I just purchased from Target's new spring/summer stuff...I love the colors. This print could have very well been a pair of curtains in someone's bathroom in the 70s - love it! One thing I have always done is find an ugly print, think about it for a minute then love it. Love it because it is awesomely ugly! That is what I should have named this blog "Awesomely Ugly" lol

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