Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily covet...

My shopittome alert this morning had some cute stuff as usual, but a couple of pieces jumped straight off the page and onto my cranium's wish list...
All items have a 60s/70s vibe that I am reall digging right now.
This dress by Free People is adorable. I was attracted to the Pucci-esque, bloused tank on the top at first. I love love love pink, coral and burgundy together. The darker color just makes the design pop.
I would probably pair this with burgundy or black tights with either black mary janes or black riding boots. Preferably one with wedge.
This purse by Michael Kors would just set it off!
Hair do: Maybe a some thing ala Jane Fonda or a ponytail with long fringed bang.
Jewelry: large gold!

This particular dress reminds me of one I found in high school at a thrift shop. It is long gone now... But this one by BCBGMAXAZRIA combines retro bits here and there, like the belt, the pleats at the waist and the smocked style top. I actually like how the stripes strobe.
It's a contemporary length that would look great for work!
This could be styled a couple of different ways. Neat colored tights like a hot purple would look cute, just so it won't look so serious. Black tights and black mary janes would be a great mod look as well.
Yellow earrings and a chunky bracelet or Gold accessories would work. But, honestly, this dress could take any kind of color. 
Note: BGBG has some of the most comfortable and stylish dresses for work. Whenever I go into Nordstrom Rack, that is the first thing I look for - marked down BCBG items (or Max & Cleo or MaxStudio.) I always have to edit my pile of goodies to fit my wallet of course, but there is always at least one Max Azria dress in there somewhere.

I feel like roller skating when I look at this dress. The jaunty red/orange that is so innately 70s with that navy accented belt! GOLD, GOLD, GOLD accessories and tan couldn't hurt. I could imagine this with braided jute wedges or a heeled sandal and a cognac colored hobo bag. This dress probably attracted me 'cause it looks like summer. I will probably look for something like this when spring rolls around. Its just the "dead" of winter and I can't justify purchasing a seasonal dress when I'm not even in that season. And yes, this is another BCBGMAXAZRIA! (For winter, I'm sure I could do black tights, black wedges/heels and a black headband. But, I think it would look best with Spring/Summer accessories.)

60s Jane Fonda style hair has been inspiring me lately. I really wish I gave myself enough time in the morning to do it. One day maybe.... probably not.
BumpIts can only do so much...

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