Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrifting weekend...

I LOVE THIS TOP! It's so 60s I just can't get enough of it! The huge Peter Pan collar and fabric covered buttons with the enbroidered detailing is just fabulous. (If I leave it loost without the belt and add some leggings, it's totally Mia Farrow.) I have been really into yellows this past year. Some of my favorite pieces are my yellow finds.
These burgundy tights are fantastic. They don't snag and they are comfy. I couldn't ask for anything more out of a pair of good tights. I have them in brown and black and when I saw they were in burgundy I had to grab them up. They look like a beautiful glass of merlot. 
Top & Bag: Salvation Army; Skirt: Express; Tights: Bare Necessities (Bare Assets); Wedges: DSW (Bandolino); Jewery: I made 
Salvation Army is just single handedly one of the funnest places ever! I had the best time going through rack after rack of terrible and fabulous shirts and sweaters. I went alone and chuckled to myself every couple of minutes once I came upon something particularly horrible/awesome, which was often. I had a blast. I limited myself to $20. I find that always helps when it's time to edit. I am super at editing when I have a budget. I don't bring home any items that have the potential not to work. Everything I brought home I love. 4 tops, a vintage purse and an Anne Rice book.
So far, every item works and the book is pretty good. Could I ask for anything more? Nah - great finds for $20 and I'm good for a while. :) Next week my girlfriend from work and I are going to the Pasadena flea market and we're really looking forward to it. We are also going to a store that gets all the items the studios get rid of. Clothing, accessories and stuff, that should be fun to pick through, too! (but, only if the goods are inexpensive. I am so over paying an arm and a leg for a decent dress...) 
I'm quite proud of my eye to find this handbag. It is the perfect 70s textured, mirror silver purse and the inside is not stained or marred in any way. Lucky, lucky! I adore it! It also came with a strap that I might actually use. Neato mosquito!
 But overall, I am super stoked on this ensemble. The sleeves on this blouse are great as is the detailing on the bottom. I had purchased more beads for the earrings and bracelet to match my necklace I made a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't too sprung on the pearls until I strung them with a little black pearl, now I am all about them. A best new creation. I didn't really have earrings to match so I made them along with a bracelet.... My do (hairdo) - what can I say? but, "BumpIts" all the way!

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