Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leopard Love

This is my all time favorite coat. It is the perfect 60s style, kinda Jackie Onassis, but in leopard!
I found it in the Victoria's Secret catalogue many years ago and it was a bit much for my tiny wallet to start... I kept my eye on it for months, (cause they send you like, 2 catalogues per week so it wasn't too difficult), and finally it made it to the 70% Clearance catalogue - AWESOME! $24.99 + shipping later, I had my fabulous new coat. I wear it year round and I always get compliments on it.
 If I had to pick 2 items that represent my style, it would be this coat and my black riding boots, (worn in quite a few posts here.) I wear them everywhere, with everything. I have plenty of nice coats, but if I don't want to think about it- Bam! it'always perfect :)
I don't really know how to wear this blouse, but I just love the butterfly sleeves and the print. It just reminds me of the 70s. So I normally belt it - shocker right? -Nope. Anyway, when I found it at Anthropologie on clearance I just grabbed it on a whim. What I don't get - it's an XS. How the heck was this thing supposed to be worn? Goodness knows I am not an XS in ANY situation sooo....enlighten me at will.
Coat: Victoria's Secret catalogue; Blouse: Anthropologie; Pants: H&M; Boots: Steve Madden; Sunglasses: Nordstrom Rack (Betsy Johnson); Jewelry; I made

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