Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bright Colors to Brighten the Mood

Man, it has been a tough past couple of days. They are doing layoffs at my work and we are all pretty close to the chopping block. It feels crazy and unsettling and most of all - stressful. A couple of friends and one pretty close one were laid off, I am SUPER bummed. Everyday feels like it could be THE day that we're going to get "let go". That's such a lame term. That implies that we wanted to go somewhere, but couldn't because we weren't allowed. Um, what? That is sooo not the case. Some of the people that had to leave were veterans of 30+ years. So much for job security, geez. It's really the worst! Anxiety reigns supreme at this point and we're working so hard to pick up the slack of missing coworkers and hoping we're gonna make it into the next week.
I decided to post these pics I took the day I colored my hair because the colors make me happy. As for my hair, I'm really hoping this color sticks around for a couple of weeks. But honestly, I need to get a hair cut STAT! I can't even remember the last time I went to the salon. (Cats out of the bag, I dye my own hair, not really shocking I know. At least as of right now anyway. I can't really afford to get it done professionally consistantly right now and my current stylist doesn't totally get the style I'm looking for for the most part so I have to figure out where to go. I have been some of her most daring projects and I haven't really done anything that crazy. At least I don't think.)
I love how vibrant everything came out. I found the little vintage robe at the Salvation Army and it was in perfect condition. The only drawback is it's a size:small. I couldn't pass it up though, the color was too fabulous and if it has lace, it must be mine :) I pulled out my sewing machine, affixed the ribbon and it came out pretty good if I do say so myself...
My sister-in-law goes to a friday morning clearance sale at M.Fredric in Calabasas. She always finds her perfect style items there and best of all, she gets them at a great deal. She picked up these wedges for me. They are pretty high and the fit isn't the best, but it was so sweet of her. I think if I get some inserts maybe my foot won't come out the front in a way it shouldn't really, kinda like now. They'll be great for summer wear, skirts, shorts and dresses.
dress, belt & bracelet: H&M; earrings: I made; sheer vintage robe: thrifted(Salvation Army); leggings: Target; wedges: gift (M.Fredric-Qupid)
Well, the colors brightened my mood a little bit. I'm still freaking out, I hope I make it through the next couple of weeks employed. Cross your fingers for me!

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Ana said...

you look adorable:)