Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Gothic School Girl ~ That's one I got when I wore this ensemble

This was one of those days where i loved my ensemble all day long. I thought the socks worked well with the length of the skirt and the top fit perfectly considering I didn't try it on. I picked it up brand spanking new at It's A Wrap. I guess it didn't work for some busty actor. Those are the best finds at that store. The original tags and the store tag for a 1/2 the original price. Woo Hoo! (Side complaint: You know how H&M went from completely sizing like they do in the UK to having the country conversion equivalent? Well, their equivalent sizing for the US is bologna. I really could care less what size I wear, as long as it fits well and has a solid cut - when I was younger, this definitely was not the case. But I think it's ridiculous that this shirt was marked as a US 14. Um, if this shirt is a US 14, I'm Marilyn frickin Monroe. I just think its crazy that sizing measurements vary so greatly. According to plenty of contemporary designers I swing between a US 6 and US 12. WTH? That is such a massive variance. How can they all be so off? *gripe - moan* Don't they know how much easier it would be for me to buy online if measurements were uniform? geez...)
Since this outfit was void of color I added the pick for a little bit of a pop and I was glad I did. It would be a little drab otherwise I think.
I don't really have much to report today. Another of my favorite coworkers LEFT the company upon their own intiation. Good for him for sticking to his guns and leaving when he had had enough, but BOO for not sticking in out in Purgatory with the rest of us... Sad Panda
Oh yeah, along with "You're a Gothic School Girl today", I also heard "Hey Britany! Hit Me Baby One More Time" due to the knee socks and skirt. That honesty was the last thing I thought I would hear, a comparison to Britany Spears - 10 years ago version. Aside from the amusing comments, the fact that Britany was becoming poplular over a decade ago, mkes me feel really old. I can't believe that train wreck is keeping herself mildly "relevant" in entertainment news. Ick!
(I remember joking around with my girlfriends my sophmore year of college and dancing on a study break to her first albumn a couple years after it came out. That is the only good thing I associate with that music, mindless crazy time.)
blouse: It's A Wrap(H&M) belt: H&M; socks: Target; skirt: Anthroplogie(Mo&Su); oxfords: Nicole

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