Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Just Straight Up Hot Now...

I knew the second I longed for the sun during the "winter" here in L.A., it would get like it normally is around here- Hot. Since I am a Northern California girl, I melt in Southern California. I've lived here for almost 8 years and I've only gotten a little used to it. When summer rolls around, it's like living on the sun. It's pretty gnarly. I always tell my hubby, "You better be stoked I love you and chose your hometown to buy a home in," as I sit uncomforably writhing in perspiration. Every year, it seems to get a bit hotter, too. Thanks to the rain this season (and El Nino), hopefully the inevitable drought staves itself off a little bit longer this year.
I wore tights this day and was so frickin warm when I left my office building. I was pretty bummed. I was getting warm just having the scarf around my neck. Regarding the tights, I'm not totally sold on this color (good thing they were only $1.25 on Target clearance), it's too pastel I think annnnnd when I was putting together my outfit, I had to really think hard to imagine these not against black. I couldn't, so I grabbed this little vintage scarf I found at It's A Wrap (a shop that gets all the clothing from movies and t.v. shows.) There is some really great stuff and some crap, but it's fun to go and imagine where these things appeared or what the character was doing or was it clothing for an extra or something of the like? They have lots of designer stuff, but when you shop at the Salvation Army as often as I do, everything is kinda pricey comparatively. (I bought a Moschino Jeans jacket at the S. Army sale this weekend for $2 - WOOHOO) If your a fan of designer labels, this is a great place to go. I always find great Nanette Lapore pieces that I long for.
But anyhoo, one thing I do always seem to find as well are neat scarves. I absolutely love this one, it reminds me of "Baskin N Robbin's" logo that used to have pink, white and brown circles like neopolitan ice cream :)
Something that made me laugh about this day was, after work when i stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up some veggies for dinner. This guy with long, tousseled, ponytailed hair and sunglasses (indoors), faded jeans and a well worn t-shirt came up to me to tell me he liked my outfit. I chuckled and thanked him and we went about our shopping. I think it's so funny when random dudes compliment me on my outfits (and they aren't hitting on you), as it happens more often than I would think.  

~ And look, it's sunny out just before 7pm. Yeah!


SWF_Terra said...

This. This I love. I can understand your reservation about the tights. They're a different sort of color. But I do like them. I bet they'd look awesome with grey or navy. Even a kelly green would be an interesting combo. WORK 'EM! They look great on ya.

Jenni said...

i really love this outfit.