Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Steve, You designed the shoe of my dreams

Holy Cow - Would you just look at these!?! I really wanted those Steve Madden heeled oxfords and we all know how that turned out - poorly. But I had to check everything in the store out. I was perusing the sale shelves, which were an extra 25% off the already marked down price mind you, and these babies jumped straight off the shelves into my hands. They were so ugly, they had to be mine. The girl brought out a size 10, my normal size and an 11. She said the customers told her they ran small. I guess she saw how sad I was when the oxfords didn't fit. A size friggin 11?! Are you kidding? Even though I felt like I had "Paris Hilton" feet, but that didn't even make me hesitate a bit. Yea!!!! They fit. And can you believe they were even snug? Good lord Steve, what is wrong with you? These shoes are insane and they are tiny. They probably look huge and don't really flatter my leg, but I so don't even care. I can't believe how much I don't care. It's brilliant!
I was trying to hide them from my hubby I didn't even bring them in from the car right away cause he would give me a hard time and such, so I had a plan. He went out to get us some dinner (cause I neither of us felt like doing the whole make something AND clean it up) I ran to my car. I even covered them with my clothing that I was going to wear the next day. Ha HA!~ Success!
But the next morning was unavoidable, he got up with me to say good bye (he goes to work 45 minutes after me!) he looked down and smirked, "What are those? Crazy 80s ballet shoes?" I laughed and said, "They were just ugly enough to be mine :)" He said, "Yes they are." Smiled, kissed and hugged me and walked back to the bedroom. He's so cute! But crisis averted. I got 'em by. Now off to breaking them in...

The first thing one of my coworkers (male) joked with me "Oh, are you going to do ballet for us?" My other friend/coworker (female) looks at him horrified. I just laughed, all boys think alike. They do look like a kookie ballet booty or what they reminded me of originally, my old porceline, victorian styled, doll's boots. When I first saw them, I couldn't figure out what they reminded me of and when I realized it was the doll boots, I was so stoked. Now I have my own pair, I always wanted them when I was a kid.

dress & belt: H&M; sweater: Victoria's Secret Catalogue; tights: Bare Necessities(Bare Assets); Booties: Steve Madden; necklace: Claire's
The lighting for these pics worked out nicely, that is why there are so many. I normally don't like my pics this much. I laughed out loud at a couple of the "modely" ones.

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