Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So it Rained that Day and I didn't have an Umbrella...

Still catching up on last week's goods. This skirt was such a great find. I took $10 and went to the Salvation Army to find me some skirts. I found this little beauty and another Ann Taylor Loft skirt unworn - Score! I need to starch the pleat in the front though. It needs to be a little crisper to be as totally brilliant. Really, the best part is that I've been looking for a purple skirt and ta-dah - found one! Annnddd, it's the perfect color. It matches this blouse like I purchased them together.
I wore the boots during the day due to the rain and my hip hurts everytime it rains, blah, blah, so I would have worn these heels I purchased at DSW for 80% off. I totally understand why, they are kinda ugly.
They remind me of the sandals they wore in the 40s, but with a huge heel. The color is a red orange with orange stitching. They will look cute without stockings and some self tanner :) with a cute skirt or shorts. I can see it in my head, we'll see if I can pull it off without looking clownish. 
Skirt: Salvation Army; Blouse: Kohl's; Boots: Victoria's Secret / Heels: DSW(R2 by Report); Stockings: Target; Jewelry: I made
Anyway, I really dig the ELLE line at Kohl's. I like the way the shirts are cut for a bust larger than a B cup and they shape down to the waist rather than straight down in a boxy shape. (I have a hard time finding button up that fits me everywhere else, but doesn't strain across my chest.) Granted, every blouse I have acquired from there has a belt, however, I have one that I don't use the belt.
I ran into Kohl's this weekend and picked up an umbrella. A little late in the season? Yup - but since I broke my favorite umbrella full of cats and dogs, I was holding out till I found another one. But, after a vigorous search online to no avail, I broke down and purchased a simple Totes one. It's red, but that's about it. It is a pretty red though and it fits in my purse. I really wanted one from Plasticland. It's awesome. Made to look like a ninja sword with a sheath. So cool, but $34? Say what?! It's a little too cool for me. It really doesn't rain that much around here. This winter has been unusually rainy, which is great. But that probably means a hot summer - oh I'm shocked. I won't get started on the valley summers, it's like living on the sun. That will not be the last time I say that either.

I couldn't resist putting this one up. My animals are so difficult to keep from knocking over the camera or me for that matter. When the dogs get involved all you see it dog. It's hilarious, but not so conducive to talking full ensemble pictures. However, Cole Pepper Jones was entirely too cute sauntering into the room and over to wear I was standing. He's my oldest companion. I adopted him when I was in college when had a studio apartment all to myself. I have had cats all my life and I was so lonely without a pet. My friends were cool, don't get me wrong, I just felt empty without a pet. I've always been an animal person, obviously :)

When I was there I saw some cool pantalones that I am now wanting. I was not going to subscribe to this look, but these are cute! I thought, maybe with a high boot and a sweater vest. I think it's kinda Amelia Earhart style.


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