Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally, some pants

I have been so uninspired this week. So I decided to go with the some of the newest items in my closet. I can't believe I have finally wore linen successfully. This lil yellow thang is linen and I loved to style, but everytime I've tried in the past, it's been pants which would turn into a wrinkled mess. The back isn't unwrinkled, it's pretty wrinkled, but if I can't see it, then shoot, I'll make it through the day. It's a another pick from the $5 table at the Pasadena swap meet.
The reason I think it's cute is the mandarin collar, fantastic shaped, cap sleeves and the neat massive buttons, just my style :)
The pants, I'm a little bummed about it. I just got 'em at Kohl's on clearance, but I think I need to take them in just a little bit. Of course they didn't have a smaller size, but I like the length, they are just a tiny bit big.
This rain is great, bit it just flat out sucks for my hip. I hurt it a while ago, had a surgery, then another one, and now I can tell when it's going to rain 24 hours before it's going to rain 'cause I can't really walk all that well. That is exactly why these oxfords are fantabulous.
top & brooch: thrifted(Sashimi); pants: Kohl's(Heart&Soul): oxfords: Chinese Laundy- Dirty Laundry

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