Monday, March 29, 2010

Errands - A casual day of shopping

I realized I rarely do super casual pics. I figured this was as good a weekend as any to start. I added one of my new hats to add some sass to shorts and a tshirt. This past week and a half I have come upon some fabulous deals on seasonal items on their way out for the new spring goodies. All are new, none were thrifted which is pretty surprising to me as I have been super budget conscious, lately. (I even refrained from going to the Salvation Army this weekend with my weekly $20 trip. I find with a limit to what I can spend helps me make my selections that much more awesome because I edited to only what I can use.) But just because I can't afford much doesn't mean I can't purchase, I just need to be extra discerning.
Urban Outfitters had some GREAT end of the season sales, for example, this hat was regularly $28, I purchased it for $4.99. *ZING* That's a great price! I could not have justified spending the original price. I also got another cloche for $4.99 (orig. $38). I was going to spend $15+ shipping on one I found on but, decided against it as I had a sneaking feeling I would find some kind of deal on a wool hat I wanted at the crux of spring. I gots to get my wearin' in while it's still considered "cool" outside (meaning, its not 80 degrees).
This weekend was fairly uneventful. We weren't really motivated to do much outside of the house. Laundry and vaccuuming, those got checked off the to do list this week. I tried to do some spring cleaning and get rid of clothes I haven't worn in a while and have no vision to style again. (I guess I have been cycling through all my clothing now, I only found a grand totaly of 1 dress to get rid of, whoopee!) I've been having an issue fitting things back IN my closet, that's always a sign to me it's time to make a Goodwill pile. I also feel like a bit fat glutton when I can't fit everything in my side of the closet. Shoes on the other hand are another story, they are exploding out of my closet daily and I still keep them in the same place. My hubby asked why I don't overflow into one of the closets in one of the other rooms! SAY WHA?!!! He's ok with me using another closet for my shoes?! Since when?! It was a pretty amusing suggestion, considering he can't stand all the stuff I have and come home with all the time. Honestly, I would feel entirely to frivolous (as if I don't already) using another closet for stuff, so for some reason, even though the shoes would be nice and spread out and easy to see with another closet, I still keep all the boxes in piles upon piles at the bottom of the closet 'cause if they "fit" in one place I don't have a shoe collecting problem. Make sense? Nope :)

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