Friday, March 5, 2010

Field Stroll

spring and a willow tree

So this week, we had some rain, then we didn't, and some more to come. Since we're so close to spring, the rain makes me look forward to the greenery that is already bursting forth. So this is my daydream:
To wake up in a little bed and breakfast that sits in a field surrounded by the woods near a lake and sit on the porch drinking my perfect latte. I would watch the fog slowly creep around the water and sinuously move through the tree trunks of the adjacent folliage. When the sun starts to peer through the overcast morning I grab my parisol and stroll in the field that the lake opens up to. So far that is as far as my daydream takes me, but it makes me happy. I imagine the set above would follow my romaticised notions of a peaceful, perfect morning appreciating nature. Throw in a willow tree and I'm in heaven.
The pink boots are just to die for!

Alrighty, back to work....

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