Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday... Thankgoodness!!!!!

I love this gingham blouse. I found it at Charlotte Russe of all places. I am actually a little surprised that a lot of their tops are large when they say they are large. Normally I have to go to an XL in that kind of shop, so yea Charlotte Russe. Anyhoo, I think it looks good with the red skirt and black tights.
I couldn't wait to get out of work on Friday, it dragged by like no other. I'm glad I opted for a comfortable ensemble. We used to have casual Friday's, but that went away a couple of months ago, and Friday's have been hard to get inspired, cause all I want to grab is jeans and a tshirt. It's not like I really dressed up, but denim = comfort at work for me.
blouse: Charlotte Russe; skirt: Target(Libertine); tights: Target(Bare Assets); boots: Victoria's Secret catalogue; earrings: H&M; necklace: Claire's; belt: I made
This week at work was fairly lame, so I was overjoyed when I received these babies at work. They finally came!! is great. 5 days and no shipping costs. I pulled them out of the box and omg, the purple is SPECTACULAR!!! I just can't get over how pretty they are. I love the shape, the style, the heel, the fit is even awesome - just soooo HAPPY!!! The little platform at the front makes it feel like the heel is nonexistant. I kept one out on my desk the whole day to cheer me up whenever I looked at them. It actually made the day bareable, it was kinda sad how a material item like a super nice shoe makes my day, but shoot, look at them! So Nicole brand shoes are great, I highly recommend them. :) I can't wait to put together an outfit with them.

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