Monday, March 8, 2010

So, it the end of the week yet?

Good lord I hate this work slump. This is my least favorite time of the year. No more government holidays to give us extra days off. We have a dry spell until Memorial Day...uuuuuuuuggggggghhh! Last week was such a bust, I really could have done without it. This week isn't shaping up any better. I need to stay positive though, it's only Monday. I wasn't wearing anything exciting today. I've been so uninspired and I haven't been feeling awesome, which limits me terribly. I just never feel like wearing anything body conscious or even remotely uncomfortable. *sigh* I have got to get through my dolldrums. Maybe something exciting will happen soon and turn it all around. Or I'll have to turn it around myself, but that takes effort. I would like the way that requires the least amount of effort, please...
dress: Victoria's Secret catalogue; beret, scarf & tights: Target; boots: Shoe Pavilion-now defunct (Nine West)
On the other hand I've been getting through quite a few sewing projects. Not making anything new unfortunately. All repairs, letting out hems, putting in pleats, tacking and other various things...boring, but necessary. I think quite a few of the items were sitting there for months.
This dress was one of those in the sewing to-do pile. I have no idea why I bought this dress. It was a catalogue impulse purchase for a Christmas Party about six years ago, hense the bright red. I like the color ok, but the fabric is *sour face* not cool. It's a polyester blend (primarily polyester from what I can tell), but it's that vaguely shiny kind of polyester. I mean - I could successfully turn it into a swimsuit if I wanted - which I don't. It used also to have 3/4 length sleeves, but they just looked strange to me now, when six years ago, somehow they made sense. Thank goodness I have evolved! I cut the cap sleeves and here we are... I still don't really like it though. Oh yeah, did I mention it also has a built in shelf bra? Like I really needed another line cutting through my back flab. It's already not the most slimming dress. So, verdict? - I will probably continue to keep it in my closet and just not wear it... cause that makes so much sense...not at all. My closet it bursting at the seams. After writing those words and having them be true, how can I be in such a grumpy mood? I think I need dinner.
I also finally got to my hair accessory project. I purchased the artificial flowers forever ago and I finally did something with them. It took a while because, of course, I couldn't just glue, I had to sew everything... Why? Cause I'm weird that way. I always avoid glue. In retrospect, however, I think glue would have worked better for one thing or another. I may do a DIY about it, it's pretty easy, I haven't decided. Anyhoo, you'll see one of the pieces next post.
It was cold out when I was taking these pics. It took about 5 minutes and I was pretty cold sans coat. This beret always makes me feel a little chic-er than without. The fat, happy scarf is warm but itchy, I like the combo. Until tomorrow :)

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