Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Sass for the Country Club - 2 more nights of not saving light

(I had to postpone my DIY post, 'cause I'm lazy. I think next time instead of planning to do it out loud, I'll surprise myself and just do it. - Let's see if I can take my own advice on that one. LOL)
My hubby's parents belong to a country golf club here in the L.A. valley and sometimes we get lucky enough to get invited to dinner. His parents are super golfers, like tournaments every other weekend kinda golfing. They are, I can safely say, obsessed with golf. They just love it, they'll even watch it on tv. It's something they do and share together. They are super active in the club, too. My mother in law has headed more party planning committees than I can remember. I just think it's so cool that they can share something they are both passionate about, especially after, something like, 35 years. Whoa! I've only been married 3 years, but we've been together for over 10, so I totally dig how his parents make it work, even after all this time. My parents were unable to after 30 years of marriage. Kind of a waste, dontcha think? I just wish they could have taken some notes from a sucessful relationship like my in-laws. Unresolved feelings much - Indeed. But whatevs, life throws you curve balls, but you stilll gotta try to hit 'em. I digress....
There is a dress code that we must adhere to for entry, one time we were wearing shorts (not daisy dukes) and they had to check if it was ok that we enter the dining room. Um, serious?! AND it was a bbq. Who wears a suit to a casual bbq dinner? - Shoot. So anyway, since then, I always try to push their little dress code rules, for example showing up in denim slacks or something of the like (as jeans are outlawed), or this skirt that is plainly over 4 inches above my knee. My leopard coat is a bit of a *shout* rather than a *whisper* of my style preferences. The old ladies can't sneer too hard, the coat is a 60s "Jackie O." cut, so there :)
skirt: Salvation Army(Ann Taylor Loft); tights: Target(Bare Assets); heels: DSW(Chinese Laundry); belt: H&M; coat: Victoria's Secret catalogue
I was so happy when I found this skirt at the Salvation Army a weekend or so ago. It's one of those finds that I just love when I get it home, because it's totally unworn and it perfect condition! Woo Hoo! That's the best! I wouldn't have purchased this new, but I'll definitely purchase for less than 1/4 of the price. When I first pulled it off the rack, I didn't see the other attributes I just mentioned, I just liked it because the pleats look like piano keys. (They are also a pain to iron no doubt, which I will find out when I do laundry tonight.)

This is also one of the last work day photos (one more will be posted after this) I will be taking in the dark. Yea! If you wonder why I rarely look at the camera, it's primarily due to looking like an alien when the flash reflects off my pupil. (It's also a good excuse to not look at the camera, sometimes I just plain hate my face. Harsh, I know, but when I am looking at a couple dozen pics of myself to edit for this place, I start seeing everything I'm insecure about amplified. I'm slowly getting better at not being so critical of myself like most of us are, but we all know that's a long road...) :) 
So here's a *RAWR, I'm sick of these pictures I'm forcing upon myself* face.
[I think these pics came out pretty good considering I had to do them in 5 minutes (power posing, lol) then race to the car to meet our dinner date.]

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