Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yea! Finally Found a Successful Way to Wear this Butterfly Shirt!

I call this my butterfly (or flying squirrel) blouse as that is what the sleeves remind me of. I did this top with pants and a belt before, but it felt "off" 'cause I knew this shirt had potential to look pretty darn good. Well, I think I did it. Now I just have to wear this skirt everytime I want to wear it - jk -  I know if I keep on trying I am bound to find another way to wear this shirt sucessfully.
blouse: Anthropologie; tights: Urban Outfitters; oxfords; Shoebuy.com; skirt: H&M; jewelry; Claire's
I think this is kind of a sexy, sassy ensemble. My hubby gave a whistle the morning I wore this. I was inspired by this stylish kitten Chandra at Modern Day Charm. I was tooling around Chictopia, which I just joined and Chandra is one of the ladies up for style icon this month. It is much deserved, this girl's got style! Her blog is down to earth and she has some darn cute ensembles, go check her out. (It looks like she has a small formatting problem with her page, so new posts are a little hard to read as the first paragraph shows in her title pic, but worth checking out.) 
So anyway, I liked the patterned tights, high waisted skirt with a belt and a structured blouse. The daisy she wears in her post is so cute, and really tops off the entire outfit. My ensemble was a little busy with the printed blouse and different colors, so I opted for no hair adornment- though i have many. :) the skirt was a little bunched at the waist because it's not a high waisted naturally, but you couldn't tell. I'm pretty proud of myself, the way it worked out. The patterned tights add another dimension I think, it's more interesting below my thighs than just plain opaque ones.
(My dog was eating her dinner and being all "look at me mama, aren't i adorable while i eat?" when I took this one.)
I'm all about this colored tights craze that came about this year. I used to sport some great colors back in the day, but the older I got, the more juvenile they seemed. So glad they are back for all ages. It's all about how you own it I guess :)
On another note, I SUPER LOVE these Nicole oxfords. They are every positive adjective I can think of. They are comfy, they look good on my leg, they make my size 10 feet seem smaller and they are purple. I mean - for real, they are spectacular. I don't even need to put in Dr.Scholls gel inserts for heels (which are absolutely amazing - the commercials are so stupid, but they work soooo well) like I do in ALL my heels. I am keeping that company in business baby! Petals are great, too, but the gel really seems to absorb some impact. (Listen to me, I sound like a friggin commercial - geez)
Turns out I really like the color splashes of yellow and purple too! It's one too many colors, but I think it works. Yea me!

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