Friday, April 30, 2010

I wish I could have 10 of these skirts:

But, then my closet would only be full of skirts. (That wouldn't be the worst thing, mind you...) I saw this skirt months ago in H&M in another color and of course, at the time, no size 10 was available. Thus, I went on  my way, sad I couldn't find a full style skirt. However, one of my favorite bloggers SWF, posted a new H&M purchase, and "wha lah!" my need for the skirt was rekindled. Luckily for me,  there were a plethora of size 10s so I had my choice of colors. Traditionally, I would have selected the skirt with coral tones because I am more comfortable with that color palate. But, I decided to grab this mint and yellow number. I'm glad I chose the way I did, as now I have another palate to work with. Oh yay!
This is one of those skirts that fits perfectly and kinda makes me want to twirl all day. It also dressed up an otherwise boring tank and sweater combo. I tried to find a pattern that was similar so I could go skirt crazy on my own, but to no avail.
(Actually, I did find a cute Butterick pattern, but it was a style number at the very back of the long-ass Butterick drawer and wouldn't you know it? I reached back and found my arms too short. After a couple of tries and some ripped skin off the back of my hand - thanks you vicious metal drawer and having no luck, I gave up. I was brutally rebuffed by the pattern drawer for crissakes. I guess it wasn't meant to be that I buy a pattern that day. I'll have to try again, another fabric store maybe.) I have been kinda drooling over some of the patterns at Colette Patterns. I covet most of them, but I'm a little intimidated. I'll eventually get past it though. I just have never followed a pattern that I haven't created myself - albeit, sometimes unsuccessfully. I wanted to try a Butterick or Simplicity pattern first because they have such a large "easy to sew" section.
The jewelry was a project I did a couple of weeks ago. Miniatures are awesome! I loved dollhouses and playing with the furniture. One of my little friends even had a miniture meal to set out in the kitchen for a dollhouse dinner. It was the best. Anytime I see miniatures used as jewelry I die, it's just so cute! All over Etsy (for example Petit Plat), crafters are selling their miniature wares and it's a blast to check 'em out. I just want to play with them all. Some of the detailing is just plain remarkable. 
(just look at this fruit tart and all the perfect lil fruit from Petit Plat- so brilliant)

For my first try at miniature jewelry I figured a lollipop was the easiest to start with. This is how it came out. (Sorry for the lame pics, my camera doesn't do details well) It made me smile. I could have gone with my boring yellow jewelry, but this was so much more whimsicle. I made a matching pair of earrings for my girlfriend's 10 year old. I didn't even think twice, I now wear the same jewelry as a 10 year old girl. FABULOUS!
next I want to make mini cheeseburgers :)
Inediblog.blogspot is a fun place to find "how tos" even though it's not updated regularly


Ashley J said...

This outfit is super cute and girly! I think you look great:)

- Tessa said...

Adorable! I love those colors.