Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

Sure, just tell me where!
Well, my favorite boutique (Salvation Army) was my first stop. This shopping ensemble for last weekend was comfortable at the begining of the trip, but as the day wore on, shorts would have been more appropriate. Boy, it's starting to get warm. I'm not complaining though (yet - serious rants to begin when the thermometer reaches 110 on a daily basis. Thank goodness for rompers coming back into style!!!). This is the first year that I have lived in the L.A. valley (out of 7.5 years) that I don't curse each hot day starting in mid April. I really dig it. The weather is - dare I say "normal", falling between 60 and 80 and sometimes even overcast! Whaaaaa?!!! I love FOG!! It reminds me of living really close to the water, which I haven't done since college.
I know my weather rants fall on deaf ears considering I live on the southern california coast, but when I'm sweating most of the day outside, I can't possibly look all cute and put together when I feel like wearing a swimsuit would even be too much fabric. I'm a big ol' baby! I always say to my friends "I don't mind the heat, I just prefer to be prepared for the inevitable sweating." I'm a big sweater unfortunately for me and my fashion interests. (TMI? lol) I would wear a sport bra and a tank top eveyday, but blasphemy! that's not cute or 'put together'. That's just sporty.
Isn't the purse cute? It was a little banged up in certain areas, but I loved the style so much  I had to grab it. I made my way over to Michaels and purchased some iron on appliques to glue over the damaged bits. They don't cover everything, but they take focus off the mars of the vinyl. Yay! Another material for me to craft! I felt very Martha - "It's a good thing..."
I can't believe it, but this is the first appearance of my saddles on this blog. I wear them at least once a week - somehow they just never made their way into the picture. They are the most comfortable shoes ever! They are my little black and white slippers :) They are perfectly formed to my tootsie and I haven't regretted a day that I spent $60 on 'em (I was going to get the ones on Payless $29.99 online, but I wanted a more durable pair.) I just knew I was going to wear the heck out of them and so I have. Since I started this blog, however, I have tried to push myself to integrate new ideas into my wardrobe, my saddles have been gone for a bit, but not forgotten. They are my weekend "go to" shoe.

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