Monday, April 26, 2010

There WAS Rain on the Horizon - Yet It Didn't Fall

*Mea Culpa - My life has been particularly challenging the past 10 days or so. Silver Boots just didn't fit into the "sad me" equation...This post was prepped last week, but I never made it to the publish button. I do have a bit to show for my time of -no internet. Stay tuned ;)
As cold as it was when the evening crept in, the rain was held at bay by an unknown force, taunting my desire for a reason to use my red it became a photographic pon.
This was my awkward outfit Monday. Do you ever feel just "off " from the minute you open your eyes in the morning? I had predicted that this particular Monday was going to happen, but I just didn't want to concede. It happens at least once a month. Truly hoping that a cute skirt and top combo would brighten my mood and confidence, I grabbed this cute sailor style, high waisted number... Well, how did that work out for me? Not so awesome: 
The skirt was too short for work. I was pulling it down the ENTIRE day and I didn't notice this little hemline shananigan until I had one foot out the door (literally) that morning. And then on my drive to work, I looked down (while sitting in my typical traffic-y drive) that I was going to have to stand up/sit up straight and suck it in because the huge creases were already starting. (This appears to be a special little characteristic of this skirt.) What was I thinking? And what was the designer of this skirt thinking? Use some rayon or polyester as the main fabric, not cotton - Wrinkle/Crease City! ~A place I always involuntarily end up.
I DO really like this skirt, just not at work and not when I am feeling like a bloated balloon. The last one applies to all snug outfits. :) I think its gonna be adorable without the tights and with a black tank or tshirt. Heck, maybe I'll throw on a sailor hat (but I must find one first!)
One beacon in my Monday outfit darkness - At least my wedges were cute!


Jenni said...

i love that top. what a fun pattern. This outfit is great.

Ashley J said...
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Ashley J said...

I was gonna say that skirt is really cute until you started describing how annoying it was, ha!

Kyla said...

DAMN! This is soooooo f'n awesome! The mix of prints in the lighter colors, against the black tights with the light shoes?! Hello! You're absolutely killin' it! And your legs are amazing!