Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Hat and Scarf

Clearance time at Target, means more fun for me. I found some fun accessories on sale, the scarf vividly reminds me of one my mom put in our dress-up drawer as kids when she cycled it out of her wardrobe rotation, so yet again, I couldn't resist. I say that waaaaay too much. But I've made a recent resolve. One item, under $10 per paycheck. That is going to be difficult some days, but I am going to try it for a month and a half. That's 3 paychecks which doesn't seem so bad, but the time frame, 6 weeks - yikes. No more little trips to the thrift store to say, "I couldn't resist" and pull out a $20. It should be quite helpful for the family fund, too (as well as curbing a shopping addiction.) We found some perfect bedroom furniture and we need to start doing some serious saving. We found this family owned furniture store with great stuff. The prices were what we liked the best. It was beautiful furniture, some great fabrics and a wide selection. Strangely, it wasn't a warehouse store, for the quantity, so it felt kinda homey and they were so nice. We were walking around for an hour "oooo-ing" and "ahhhh-ing" and they didn't bother us a bunch or do a hard sell, which we hate. We weren't going to buy anything that day anyway so - good read. Oh yeah, they have Lay-away! Who still has lay-away for goodness sake. Crazy! but awesome.
These Steve Madden's totally called my name from the store. I looked in the window when I was passing and I got sucked in - tractor beam. I saw another pair of wooden heeled platforms that I liked, but I wasn't totally sold on the overall look, but these babies were perfect. A bit high for me, but hey, I'm not going to go for a hike in them. I wanted a pair that looked totally 70s, dark tops, wooden or jute bottoms, wedge or heel and BAM! here these were on the sale shelf. $29.99.
Damn it Steve! You make it a practical necessity that I purchase them. But I am a happy little camper :)

*I think I already know what I am going to look for with my $10 next paycheck - sunless tanning lotion for the legs. Pasty is not a great look for me.

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