Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Picnic Weekend

And finally a day I could wear my favorite romper. We didn't know what else to do Sunday a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to go for a drive. We grabbed some goodies from the grocery store and made our way up to a lookout at the top of the valley. There's a pretty view of the valley, the mountains and the ocean. On a poor air quality day - yuck, you see all the smog and haze just sitting above the world below. So that's what all the traffic I sit in everyday does...Lame. I hate that I contribute, but the public transpo around here sucks. 
We had a nice time together goofing around. He tried to take some pictures of me to post, but um, none really worked. So here I am in my traditional setting, blah.
I can't get enough of this print. This pinks and purples on the green remind me of the calicoes I loved as a kid. Whenever my mom took me to the fabric store I hung around all the bolts of cotton fabric just imagining all the things I could make. This romper however, I did not make. I spent way too much on it, but I had to have it. The other prints this came in were wild. And not really in the best way. The first time I saw it in the catalogue, I bought it right away. Normally I wait for the stuff I find in the Victoria's Secret catalogue to go on sale, but I knew it this would sell out. And guess what? I was right. This print didn't even make the next catalogue I received. (Which happened to be the next week, their frequency on those things are crazy. I get a different one every other day. I've decided not to even read 'em anymore. Really, it's pretty much all of the same stuff it has been for years. Actually, I've been getting the catalogue for over a decade and some of the same items still exist and I can't imagine how. lol)
I love rompers and am so happy this style has come back. Their so retro and just plain adorable. Thanks Katy Perry. You wore them at practically every appearance last year and now they've caught on. But really, that chick can wear the heck out of a romper. Her "Thinking of You" video is like style crack for me.The hair, the dresses, the shoes - so great. I like the song, but the video sells it. Don't tell anyone I said so, OK?

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