Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Inspired Skirt

When I saw this skirt in Target, I took a sharp left off my attempted "direct" path to get necessities. It was like a tractor beam pulling me in. It came in a bunch of different prints, some cute, some just totally 90s and the fit was great. But I had only come into Target to get some shoe inserts and a baby gift and I made myself a strict budget on my way in. I left the store without the adorable skirt that looked like Easter on hallucinogens.
I went a whole week without it, but I was putting outfits together in my head with it. I didn't even own it yet, so I had to make it so. Then I had to justify the purchase so that's where these pictures came from. My hubby thinks I'm nuts, but he married me, he should already know this.

I think my favorite look is the skirt as a top. The colors are just so great, they had to get closer to my face :) I normally don't do strapless, but ever since the clear bra straps have come out, I have been ownin' the looks sans straps. Thanks Victoria's Secret - you charge an arm and a leg, but I have finally found a great "strapless" bra.
I totally dig the dark turquoise-ish skirt against the corals, pinks and periwinkles. It adds a bit of an edge with the black tights too. Now where to go in this get-up? I might wear it out on date night this weekend maybe, I don't know. I'm so lucky I have so much to chose from. I've been feeling quite inspired lately. I think it's the turning weather, even though it has been so strangely unpredictable.
Seriously though, I found the turquoisey skirt at Urban Outfitters - $10! Darn it, I love those sales!
 My husband got tired of me being outside not involving him, so he decided to start cleaning the gutters. Um, what?! He's so funny. That was his way of hanging out with me while doing this picture stuff. He was up on the roof cracking jokes and being an overall goof-ball. We're both the youngest in our families, so we're totally relentless in getting each other's attention. You know, since we've been doing it our whole lives with our respective older siblings. lol What can I say? We're made for each other :)
For real, I need to buy stock in Target. I buy so much from there. These socks are Target awesomeness too. I completely adore design, they look like they are quilted. They are super soft and comfy. I wish they came in other colors - black, slate, navy? Hello! That would be the BEST! *sigh* Anyone know where I can get those colors for $10? I'm on the lookout. 
 There's lots going on this week. At work, our new primetime line-up came out, which hopefully will go over well with viewers. My coworkers and I are all looking forward  about new stuff to talk about/make fun of. Yay, I'm excited about all of our favorite upcoming shows to come back on. However, for now, my t.v. has been practically hijacked by video game playing. The game Red Dead Redemption came out Tuesday and my hubby has been looking forward to it for a couple months now. It's a pretty crazy game and kinda disturbing -in a couple different ways. 1.) It's so crazy how far games have come from the old days. Of course you can tell it's a video game, but they've made them look so real. I remember when Atari was THE game system to have. Holy Mackerel I feel old. 2.) It's a Western cowboy style game where you have to get points doing gross stuff - like killing and skinning animals for their pelts (so unnecessary, really!) and other various terribly icky activities of the old west that I won't bore you with. It's just ewww. 3.) It's like a mini train wreck, you don't' want to watch it, but you can't help it (except the gross stuff). I marvel at the technology and at some points, the story itself. The games with a good plot are always mildly enjoyable to watch. 
So anyhoo, there's a wordy post with a plethora of pics.
and here is the series of shots in succession of my reaction to my hubby making a joke from the roof as I was taking these outfit shots. I like 'em so I thought I would share...

*All said purchases in above post were purchased over three weeks ago.  I have not gone against my new lil' edict of $10 a paycheck to goodies. Just thought you should know, I AM actually trying :)


Kyla said...

I love doing the pillow test on things. I always feel so much more justified in purchase when I've already put together and bunch of looks around it. This skirt was a wise investment!

Jenni said...

How funny about your husband wanting to be included. that made me giggle.

I love the different ways you styled this skirt.