Monday, May 24, 2010

So that was LOST, huh? Hmmmm....

May one main comment about the "LOST" series finale... Lame. I haven't ever really been a fervent LOST fan, my hubby, however totally digs it. So that means, we've been watching it for 6 years and I have been lost (no pun intended) for the majority. I knew they weren't going to tie up all the ends because, come on, some of that stuff was totally unreal. But I guess the ending was supposed to loosely explain that. (Not really, though.)
I don't have much to say, but isn't this a fun dress?It's such a pretty eyelet. I couldn't believe my luck, I was super thankful for the person who got rid of it so it could become my little treasure. It's kinda like a short mu mu. It's one of those dresses I can wear when I am feeling on the larger side. AND it has pockets! Yay.
The one downside is, the thread of the eyelet has some large stitches. That pretty pattern is easy to catch. I had to fix about 5 of them so far. I am willing and able to do it for the life of dress. Especially since it was on the more "expensive" side, a whole $6.80 at the S.Army many weeks ago.

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The Daily Fashionista said...

Love the dress! And the shoes are really cute with it.