Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And...We're Back

Wasn't the long weekend fabulous?! I just can't get enough 3day weekends. I wish I could work a 10 hour day m-th and then have f-sun all to myself :) That would just be the best.
Back to reality M-F...
It's strange when I take little breaks away from posting, it's so difficult for me to get back into things. Overall I wish I had a bit more to say about life, but really, we all live it, why not have a place to escape from it?
THE BLOGOSPHERE. Sometimes I just flip through blogs looking at the pictures, but not necessarily reading them. It's enjoyably mindless.
Recently however, some thoughtful and long commenting has been going on and there were some pretty interesting discussions. It's entertaining to see everyone interact via comments. There are some valid points for and against "c/o advertising". The surprising aspect, was that for a bunch 'o' girls, it wasn't as catty as I was anticipating. So yay! (If I wanted to see a bunch of high school style antics, I would read entertainment news blogs. Which I used to do often, but then lost entirely too many brain cells...so that had to stop. I can think of a couple better way to lose braincells, thank you very much Perez.)
This is an outfit I wore last week when I needed a pick me up, so I figured primary colors would do the trick. I quite like the way it came together. When I went outside to do these pics in this blazer, I remember breaking into a sweat, fast. I guess this weather was just a precursor to this last weekend's weather of high temperatures. It is more than possible my hair styling choice will be "up" pretty much everyday from now on. I'm really digging all of the braid styles that are appearing all over. I just need to get me some hair bands that blend with my 'do' rather than doctored rubber bands, which is the ridiculousness pictured. I didn't have any hairbands at work, so I made do. :)
 I love my hair, but it makes a little heat cave against my neck. When it's cold out - I have a portable scarf, when it's warm - I have an unwanted extra 10 degrees. Half the time, I just want to shave it. I have a couple of scars from childhood on my head though, that might not as awesome as I imagine it.

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