Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello?! - nope, not dead, not yet...she's still breathing

HELLLLLOOOOO Out There!!! Nope, didn't fall off the end of the earth...just the edge of sanity :) Whew, we've been so busy. Not traveling or anything exciting, but dealing with the boring responsibilities of house and home...
We - cleaned - out - the - Garage
Lame? Yes, enlightening? Oh Hell yeah! So many boxes of junk, I had completely forgotten existed. Also, when my parents moved out of their house, my mom transferred so many boxes that she was saving to me. That was 4 years ago. Procrastination much? My hubby had had it, he wanted me to decide what I needed to save from my childhood. Not unreasonable, just daunting. I've been successfully avoiding it for so long, I almost didn't want to break the string.
It was good I did, it was a trip down nostalgia's main street. One of the most exciting - BARBIES GALORE! Holy jesus, there are so many! I haven't gone through them one by one yet, I'm really looking forward to it though.
I still don't know what I am going to do with half of it, but isn't that what "the garage" is for? Surely, it couldn't be for my car :) 
note: the garage sale is currently being planned
I also refinished some furniture.
Um yeah, that really sucked. The result kicks ass though. I went to Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a t.v. stand for the new t.v. my hubby just purchased. The t.v. is great, but the cabinet I found is PERFECT! There was a special, so I picked up a low chest of drawers for $39. It was simple and pretty with cool accents (which were such a pain to mask off/paint) and antique looking. SOLD! When I got it home, cleaning and sanding began, then I realized this sucker was truly an antique. The wood is old, but in pretty good shape. The sides are beautifully beveled and real wood, not MDF. It appears to be a less expensive reproduction of a fancier design, which was probably sold in a more accessible shop, like a SEARS type store, but like, when it first opened. I haven't done any research, but that's my guess. Anyway, it's been refinished and now sits staring at me from under our killer new t.v. YAY!

I'll be playing ensemble catch up this week, so stay tuned :)

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