Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Heat Is So Strong the Watercolor Is Melting

OK California,
I get it – you pulled heat punches all summer and now?! Making up for lost time I see… Truly – it’s very unnecessary, unseemly even. We all got comfy and happy with normal temperatures, like we were old friends. Well, friends shouldn’t shock friends so drastically. Also, my wallet hates you as my power bill soars.
News report: Yesterday was the hottest reported day in L.A. of ALL TIME!
You have got to be joking?!
Clearly Mother Nature wasn’t.
In other happenings I purchased another dress. Shocker I know. I saw it in Nordstrom Rack during their big clearance, gasped and grabbed it. My first Calvin Klein dress and I dig it. The print is ridiculously loud (but pretty like a watercolor) and the colors are so primary – I love it! I’m not the only one either! All day I was fielding compliments (something I do quite sheepishly). It made me feel pretty good :)

I traded out the matching belt tie and used it in my hair. The belt I chose really wasn’t a great color for the dress, but I hadn’t acquired the brown belt that matched the shoes quite yet. (I have now, however.)
Lesson learned: Use a belt that appears to actually match the dress.
OK - Check
I really like the classic style of the dress with the slightly boat-necked collar and A-line skirt. If this dress was fitted at the bottom, it wouldn’t have made it past the fitting room. The waist is too generous, but the bust fits great. It works overall because of the belting.

Calvin - "Why can’t your 10 & 12 size dresses combine to make a perfect fit for me?!"

Anyhoodle, that is my life story.
Side note: I finally purchased the shades I have been coveting all season. I don't think I've ever spent so much on sunglasses (135 bones is a lot - and don't even think I didn't try for months to get them cheaper), but nothing can beat a good pair that is stylish, effective and doesn't slip off or pinch my nose! Bravo D&G - so there is a reason you're so popular, you know what you're doin'! (Well Duh)


Ashley J said...

You look great, love the dress and that you added the same print in your hair!


- Tessa said...

Well, you looks cool as a cucumber! I love the tie in your hair and the title of this post made me giggle.