Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Outside Sauna Is Working...

Along with the heat is humidity and lots of it. Thus, my hip is now broken. (Not literally, but sore like never before.) Yay! Bring on the rain (imagine that last heavy with sarcasm) My hip joint is killing me today. Yesterday I stayed home to try and rest, but ended up doing more around the house than I should have. So today, I am still paying for it. I always have a hard time just resting and sitting around when I take a sick day. That is the whole point of staying home sick, I know, but I’m mental, so there.
My family is coming to visit this weekend and our house is kind of a mess. Overall, it’s such a work in progress right now. We have so much organizing, getting rid of and cleaning various corners and closets it’s overwhelming. It feels so good to be done when this necessary work is done, but the process itself is daunting and meticulous. I swear, owning a home means never being done with the “to do” list, and it just keeps on growing.

On a brighter note, I wanted to post pics of the rehearsal and wedding I went to this last weekend- at the peak of the heat no less :) I managed to look like I was dry – but darn it, we were all glistening. The venue was stunning and the drinks were cold. Despite the heat, the time we had was grand AND Pasadena is stunning - PERIOD! (Spelled that out in CAPS to make my point - you catch that? LOL)
Just look at this place, beautiful right?! The owner did all of the architechture and landscaping - AWESOME!
As you can see my hubby went a bit more casual for the rehearsal. He whispered to me sheepishly when we got there “I think I may be a little under dressed.” I assured him he was OK because as the night and socializing when on, the heat only seemed to get a bit more stifling. The result was that he was comfortable as the evening wore on. Good. I told him, it is better to be slightly under dressed than pouring sweat when you are talking face to face with someone. He's a big time sweaty dude when it's hot out.
 When he looks to me for fashion assurance - It’s positively adorable.
I LOVE this leopard dress. It’s a London Times dress from (it's on super sale for $21.99 right now too!) It fits nicely, not snug and I like how I’ve never seen a magnified Leopard print like it. It’s a bit abstract, if not a lil 80s, but with a retro shape. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it for sure. – Neat!
I want my girlfriend's dress! It's the most fabulous style!!! I'm jealous!

I didn’t dig my dress for the wedding very much, but I thought it did the job. I’m just not a fan of simple spaghetti style dresses. I thought adding the green sash and shortening it a bit would make me like it , but that didn’t really pan out. I think that this may be the only time I wear this sucker. Good thing I only paid $40 at It’s A Wrap when I did a shopping day with my girlfriend Karla a couple weekends ago (JS Selection Brand). That’s not a good cost per wear, but sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss. I did manage get a detail of the fun necklace I also found at It’s A Wrap and the earrings and bracelet I made to match.
One strange thing was I didn’t get any pics of the heels I was wearing with either dress. Oh well, I’ll have to remember for next time I attend a function and forget to get pics before I go. I was able to grab a pic of some of my friends and their awesome ensembles, but again, I wish I had thought to get shots of people's shoes, they were great.
I thought this was a fun pic to include to see how different each dress was. I didn't see one dress that was the same style or color at this wedding (aside from the bridesmaids of course). Fantastic!

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- Tessa said...

You look lovely and like you had fun. I love that you made some of your own jewelry! But I know what you mean about thin straps (or strapless). It's "the girls". My shape is just like yours and my girls get the way of many-a-style, especially thinner/no strap styles. :)