Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain? You Say? - I'll Grab My Hat, It Is Fall After All

 Not much to say today except that I’m super stoked the fall and winter weather is rolling in. This is sooooo crazy though. Last week I was complaining about the hottest day in L.A.! Not so much anymore. It officially looks like fall AND there was frost on my windshield when I walked out to my car this morning.
Rain = Hat time
(kooky ensemble optional)

Let's be honest, this is a bit kooky for me. But, that is one of my middle names (along with others like "Danger").
Soapbox moment:

When it does start getting colder around here I think of all the homeless animals and how they are faring. I’m an animal advocate and network rescue emails per day. I really don’t do much, but just enough to keep abreast of the issues our animal society is facing today. With people losing homes and moving into rentals, most don’t allow animals – thus these animals are brought to the pound in hopes they find homes. The truth is, most don’t. The financial fallout our country is experiencing impact effects EVERYTHING! "They" say it's getting better, but the shelters are still overflowing. Please spay and neuter your pets and more importantly ADOPT A PET! They will be forever grateful and thank you each day like all my 4 rescues do. They are a good amount of responsibility, but worth every moment.

PS: thanks for your comments Tessa – they cracked me up J


menina elegante said...

great boots!! I love it! You look very country stylish!

menina elegante

- Tessa said...

I am sooo excited to start wearing boots, but it feels like fall will NEVER come to Texas. :( I had a rescue boxer - she was WONDERFUL!