Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blazers & Boots

Versatile Blazer  can also be used as an umbrella
Yesterday the rain stuck around, but I didn't feel it was a tights rainy day. The knee high boots have been brought back out for fall/winter. I LOVE MY BOOTS!! I have about 9 pairs of calf/knee height boots. (See, I wasn't kidding.) I have heeled ones and flat ones and either way, they are a total pain to store in my closet. They are in clear plastic bins on my top shelf and they have been calling to me for weeks. This week, obviously I answered that they could come out and play... These suckers can be worn over the knee or a'la pirate style like I'm sporting here. The absolute best part? These only set me back 79$ at the end of spring. Talk about the benefits of patience - something I have very little of most of the time :)
I also decided to sign up for this whole men's blazer situation. I think its such a classy look. I especially like it when it's paired with something decidedly feminine. I think it dressed up this kinda blah outfit.
The killer part of this purchase was the price - $5.60! The Salvation Army comes to the rescue again. I wanted to make sure I actually bought a guys jacket 'cause I wanted it to look a bit over sized and knew there was no way I was going to find something affordable at a dept. store. I'm a big kid so men's clothes are pretty easy for me to find at the thrift store luckily, but I wasn't sure if I could find the right color etc...this was the last one I found on the rack. I had almost given up for the week - but the thrifting gnomes were smiling on me this day my friends...
Once I tried it on I laughed out loud. Whomever owned it before was a dude approx. my size with VERY short arms. We're talking Tyrannosaurus Rex arms here people! The ends of the sleeves were like 4.5 inches from my wrists. LOL Good thing I wanted to keep the arms rolled up anyway. Upon further perusal however, they sleeves were hemmed simply and all I had to do was remove the stitches. Wah Lah! ~ Perfect blazer
See, it's even fully lined! Awesome...

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