Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Orange Wall Looks Distressed - I Don't Mean Emotionally

My husband took these pics. Didn't he do good? We were walking out of the mall and into the parking structure and I saw this wall. I whipped out the camera and shoved it into his hands. I Love, love, love that color orange, couldn't pass up a pic in front of it. Even though it was a "distressed" (using some HGTV DIY references here folks) background, it turned out nice.
Anyway, these sailor slacks are so cute, but I wish they weren't denim. I can only wear them to work on Fridays and they are a bit long for flats (I don't wear heels on Friday) thus, I don't get to wear them M-F
:( But they are still awesome.
I guess this post is going to be all about my husband 'cause he also bought me that beautiful green amethyst, silver ring, in the above pic, for our 4 year anniversary. He knows I LOVE my accessories!
The Coach bag was a gift from my hubby for my 30th. He was so cute in how this all came about. Why? Let me tell you...
Short story: We went to Lake Arrowhead for my birthday weekend. They have a little shopping area with a couple of outlets, Coach being one of them. More than a couple of times, he suggested we go there to look around and I agreed knowing this hopeful suggestion was so unnecessary - like that was an option, not perusing the Coach outlet store! But I played along :) As I was looking around he whispered in my ear, "Pick out which ever one you want Birthday Girl." Geeeeeezzzz, I mean, how cute is that?! Transparent, but a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !!!
And that is how I acquired my fabulous pistachio leather Coach purse. Since then, you can't pry it from my hands :)


Ashley J said...

I am loving those trouser jeans, I have been looking for a pair!


- Tessa said...

Interesting - I don't usually wear heels to work on Fridays either. Can you have your dry cleaner hem them up a bit? I know, how weird for one of us tall gals to ask for a SHORTER hem...

- Tessa said...

and LOL at your non-emotional wall.