Thursday, October 21, 2010

Channeling Terra ~

Vogue pose
Oh yay! I have found a good natural waisted skirt. I've had my eyes peeled for a while, but what I wanted and what I could afford didn't quite meet, thus I've been without. I didn't believe in stifling my gluttony so the search continued and ended at Victoria's Secret online. I've shopped in the past, but in the last few not so much. I've been so lucky *read: determined* in finding stuff in stores or online to use in my wardrobe that I haven't found the need to even look on their website. But like I said - determined.
$39.95 later I have this pretty skirt that fits me quite well. Challenge complete. (It is unfortunate that this is still on my "I want like a small child in a candy store" list. I will never get it however, I refuse to pay international shipping on it. Aaaannndddd I gotta focus on what I have for chrissakes.)
So, how do you like these shoes? FABULOUS! *high pitched song voice* I haven't been to Crossroads in years, but my co-worker and I couldn't do Wasteland or UO again for our Friday lunch so we went a little further down the road to Crossroads Trading. I don't really have too much luck there, hence my hiatus from shopping where the roads um- cross. (Sorry, I'm lame, I couldn't help it.) This trip was fruitful however, in the form of these pretty red heels. Tyler by Richard Tyler and they were worn maybe, like, twice. No scuffs on these pretty leather bottoms!
I wanted red shoes and $22 later I have 'em.
This outfit totally reminds me of an outfit Terra from "Stylish White Female", thus - I'm Channeling Terra~ She totally rocks fabulous tights and beautiful heels all the time and looks sooooo good doing it. She's my favorite pocket-sized, chic sophisticate. Super stylish indeed!
Note: most people are pocket-sized next to me
The night sky was so lovely when I was taking these pictures. The blue was so vivid and the clouds added such a neat effect. The chill was just setting in and there was a break in the rain - just perfect :)
Lastly, Friday - Is that you? I hear you knocking, come on in! ;)


la mì said...

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The Fashion Buzz said...

Love the whole outfit- so sexy and stylish! The skirt especially!

Faboulista said...

oh what a beautiful outfit. its very pin-upish. the look is completed by your lovely redish hair.

SWF_Terra said...

LOVE! You know me all too well! I think we could be sisters. Freakishly disproportionate sisters.

- Tessa said...

Love-love. And Terra is one of my favs too. :)

mode. said...

super cute classic outfit! xoxox mode.