Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had a strangely eventful weekend. I didn't really do all that much, but we did buy a car. Um yeah, a car. My 2005 Mustang was awesome. At the time I purchased it, I couldn't afford any bells and whistles, but I sure loved it anyway. I took it in on Friday evening after work to get some maintenance done and my hubby went to look at used Mustangs while he was waiting for me to finish up with a service dude so we could go pick up dinner (I had to leave the car overnight). Huge mistake! They had just brought out a 2008 Convertible Mustang fully loaded with the *Pink Warrior* package and check this - 3,600 MILES!!!! Say what?! Oh you heard that right! Never would we consider it, but barely ANY miles and it was all I wanted to start with, but better - so it was really something we had to consider. After a couple hours of haggling, I drove out of there with a fabulous - new to me, Mustang.
The *Pink Warrior* Mustang was part of the Ford Warriors in Pink Fight Against Breast Cancer Campaign. It has big pink stripes on sides, pink seams in the black interior and a Mustang on a Pink Ribbon emblem on the side. It's totally insane, but it's all mine! Yay!
Back to the clothes...This dress is great 'cause it was about $2.40 at the Salvation Army. The seams were pulled apart on every side and the hem was falling out, but that was nothing my amazing, new sewing machine couldn't handle in like, 5 seconds (so frickin' awesome!) This dress was made in the 70s, so I wonder how the person before me wore it. It's just a curious style. But anyhoodle, I like how this belt looks with it as it was what I had in mind when I grabbed it. I'm not really sure how else I'm going to wear it though. I'll have to brainstorm. Suggestions are welcome.
*oops - I made the earrings and necklace - not bracelet :)*
Onward to Monday! Hope your week is great and you see rainbows after every time it rains :) I know I'll be on the lookout!


In Kinsey's Closet said...

I love this look, especially the belt! I found you on weardrobe and I'm a new follower!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Congrats on your car. I personally have a dream car and can only wish how it would feel when I get my hands on her.

I am not really sure how I found your blog but I am surely happy that I did. I love your simple and sometimes quirky style and your writing. Just feels like I am talking to a girlfriend.

I would love for us to stay in touch. Google, bloglovin whatever suits your fancy. Just let me know and then we can happily go around stalking each other all over the web.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

I just became your newest google follower.

Love from Toronto, Canada