Monday, October 18, 2010

Polka Dot Marilyn Monroe OR "Twister" Mat?

Halloween is just around the corner. YAY! It's become my favorite holiday, surpassing Christmas the past couple of years. It helps that we have some place to go to celebrate with our friends and admire costumes though. Our friends have a yearly celebration which they kind of go all out for. It's always a good time. I do feel like I have to do my costume best. This year my husband and I are going to be comic book characters. Last year was "priest & possessed nun", the year before that "viking & Valkyrie". We've tried to keep up the couples costumes for the past couple of years so this year - surprise - couples costume. I'll put up some pics after the fact if I'm not too embarrassed :)
Back to the clothing - My mom and sister are totally getting my groove now, they thrift when it's time to get me presents. Isn't that great! I don't have to worry about them spending too much money on gifts.
My mom thrifted this  dress for me for my 30th. It's a nice classic cut and when worn with a slip works perfectly. It was about 2 sizes too big, but I recently purchased a new super-fantastic, amazing sewing machine and sewed up an inch off each side in no time (no slipping or missed stitches either!!) then I had a perfectly sized dress. Right On!

The dots are a bit large though, it reminds me of a "Twister" mat, or at worst the "Twister" costume dress:

But I think I can get past it :)

The purse is cute right?! I found it at the Studio City WasteLand. Darn good condition too. It is such a "mom" purse. Every mom had one of these when I was a kid or some kind of Dooney & Bourke purse. I really never thought I would be stoked to have one - I am though *shame tinged writing voice*  I guess I am slowly becoming my mother so here we go...It's a great size to carry all I need most of the time and it goes across my body when I'm shopping. Well, how practical - so there. ;)
Hope your week goes well. I almost feel like I'm ready for the weekend, almost...


Ashley J said...

Your mom has great taste, what a cute "twister" dress!!!

Natasha said...

I love the dress... I think the large polka dots are sooo would be fun to wear it with a smaller dotted cardi...or something...ok you'd have to get the exactly right cardi for it to work..but it totally could!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the twister mat comment! Too cute.

elaine michelle

Sarah said...

I Love this beautiful polka dot dress. It is so pretty and just perfect. Great look!

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

So pinup chic! And thanks for the comment on chictopia :)