Thursday, October 14, 2010

Confession: I'm Totally Addicted

Oops, I have added to my shoe family. Part of my closet family is angry as they haven't seen sunlight in a bit, while I'm still collecting more sisters for them. The neglected ones may have to leave my care to be adopted from the Salvation Army by some loving parent soon.
How can I give up any of my beautiful family?!
I'm forever running out of space and I'm a fickle guardian. So there.

Jump "Bounce" Pump from $68.50
(free shipping on shoes right now)
I'm going through a phase where I'm buying expensive shoes on sale and then wearing the crap out of them. That leaves some of the shoes I used to suffer to wear, not really all that appealing anymore. Why spend the day cringing due to the new blister? Life is too short.
I saw these booties a little while back when they were first on sale. They were in turquoise and eye-catchingly adorable, (maybe even a bit loud for me - that's saying a lot right?) but pricey for a turquoise shoe that is such a statement color. I went with the black - sensible, yet available (turquoise was not). So we'll see if Jump is a new shoe brand for me to keep an eye on. The largest selling points on these babies is the free shipping and in store returns on any items purchased on the website. - Gotta love Nordies! 

(Endless and Piperlime are carrying them)
I also purchased these on my first trip to Loehmann's last Friday. They are really high for me, but surprisingly not ridiculously uncomfortable. They are weekend shoes so far. I have to get the shoe inserts going and then I think they will make more appearances.
I was totally unimpressed with the Loehmann's I went to. I had never been and since I was such a shopper, my co-worked suggested I go there... It had the strangest vibe and the shoe dept. was weird, too. A bit sparse with a strange selection. (There were the cutest pair of Coach boots calling my name, the only pair left in my size! I plugged my ears and I totally resisted. That's right - kept on walking, didn't even try them on to torture myself - YAY ME!!!)
Now, for the rest of the month (and ALL of November really) I need to repeat the mantra - "You don't need anymore shoes - give attention to the ones you have!" Logical, sensible - god I hope I can do it! :)
'Cause admittedly, this is getting ridiculous!

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- Tessa said...

The Loehman's here are totally hit and miss. Usually miss, but occasionally I walk out with ARMLOADS. I recommend waiting a couple of weeks and trying again. It will probably seem like a totally diff store. Except the shoe area - it's always weird (giggles).