Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Trends That Don't Blend(s) - HA!

Lace and clogs - yikes, not the best combo.
Mental note: Just cause you purchased them in the store at the same time does NOT mean you have to wear them at the same time.
I admit, this was a heinous shoe choice for this ensemble. At least they got broken in :)
The resurgence of some of these lace styles screams 90s to me, but I also think lace is super classic so I like it in theory, it just depends on how its designed. I try to stay away from the lace with 90s implications.
The line at Kohl's was wrapped around down one of their main hallways, but I stood in it because I really liked this sweater (30% off and I had a $10 gift card and additional 15% off savings pass - DEAL!) The color is soft, the style is classic and the lace is feminine and I like the texture combination. The ribbed bottom is always a challenge for me. I think it accentuates my belly, but I think this would be cute tucked into a high waisted skirt, which I have just happened to acquire this last week. Guess what combination may pop up on here soon...
The clogs may have been a mistake all around - I'm not sure yet. They were $15 on clearance - so I need to at least wear them enough to get that value from them. I must continue to try and incorporate them, maybe a 70s vibe will work? Not sure.
I painted my nails, which is mildly exciting for me. I avoid nail polish just because it only lasts like 24hours on me then starts to chip, but I love the way it looks. In a moment of stubbornness, I bought this teal from Target "Nicole" brand by OPI - It's GREAT!! I haven't been crafting much, but I haven't been easy on it and it's really lasted. Even the couple of touch-ups for the tips I did, did not chip then either. I highly recommend it.

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- Tessa said...

I wonder if the clogs would work under the trouser/sailor jeans? I find mine hard to pair with anything too. :(