Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I'll Try the Top Down - That Should Help....

I'm not in the best of moods today :( It's cold and wet so my hip hurts and at this time of the month it hurts even MORE! Lame. So instead of attempting and failing at sounding like I usually do, which would be a bit transparent - I will keep it short and cute - cause I really like this outfit. I felt hip, playful and comfy, or otherwise normal, all day, annnnnnnddddd everyone loved my shoes with the black tights. *proud smile*
This jumper just plain rocks. I look forward to sporting it with long sleeves when winter rolls around. The tweed is too heavy for warmer weather so I have approx. 4 months (LA fall/winter) to get some use outta this sucker.
I'm writing with a purple pen today instead of a blue or black to pick up my mood. It's helping a little bit. There's something slightly exciting about using a new color pen. Gotta celebrate the little stuff here people :) If it had sparkles in it, my mood would probably been better. HA!
I'm gonna drive with the top down in the Pink Warrior today. A little wind through my hair could only do me some good :)
Wednesday come on your way. I can't possibly handle Tuesday being here to stay. It simply won't let me play, but as for Tomorrow, it's a brand new day!


Ashley J said...

You look so cute in this outfit and those shoes rock!!


Faboulista said...

how cute is this. u almost look like a bumble bee. i love the sandals. they seem super comfy. and love the way the match the headband and the tee.

Sarah said...

I love your jumper. It is so perfect and cute. Great color. I love the pop of color from these shoes as well,


Alina A. said...

such a pretty dress. Love it.xx