Monday, November 22, 2010

Drop Anchor

The early darkness makes me want to get out my painting supplies (which unfortunately, has SERIOUSLY dwindled since college) and canvases. I don't paint often and I really should. When I don't touch base with a brush and paint from time to time I find other things to do. I get so distracted by all of my sewing projects. They are easier and faster and I don't normally question my results. Painting on the other hand is my one true love that scares the crap out of me. I don't consider myself a canvas painter and I want to be so badly. I know I can, but I just need to consistently motivate myself. It takes the longest of all my crafts. I have done numerous murals and a couple of paintings for commissions and those worked out great. When it's for someone else I don't have too much of a problem, it just feels different. So, to end a long story I'm finally inspired to paint something (after I make a trip to Michael's to get some paint).
"What is it?" you ask...
Subject = my dog!
How can I go wrong?
I plan to make it through all 4 of my kids. Dogs and Cats always are fabulous subject matter. I don't know why I never thought of it before. I've drawn numerous animals, but never painted. Of course that would be the next step.
Enough about the painting stuff, what do you think of the socks?
*high pitched song voice* FAB-U-LOUS! No?
My co-workers and I went out to dinner after work one Friday and we randomly chose to go to Universal City Walk to find a restaurant. I think my friends took me there partly because they knew there was this killer sock shop that sold ONLY socks!!!! Holy Cow - How Brilliant!!! I was in heaven. It was so overwhelming the countless choices of socks and stockings, I finally landed on these suckers decorated in anchors and another short pair on clearance with skeletons on them. They will make me happy every time I pull them on my tootsies.
I'm so ready to eat a bunch of turkey and the various other Thanksgiving accoutrement's. Best part - don't have to go to work. Oh heck yes!
Thought I would would throw this into mix it up. I gotta start breaking this stuff up. I'm getting sick of looking at myself..


Ashley J said...

I love the anchor socks, super cute!

The Fashion Buzz said...

Well, we're not sick of looking at you- really love your outfits, they always look so good on you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fashion Buzz, and LOVE the sox. HOW in the world did you only buy TWO pair? I am so impressed!
- Tessa